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We support talented artists and athletes directly or through the organization of selected tournaments and festivals.

Who we supported.

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1st Art

Music Festival
3 - 4th June 2023

Hi52life supports festivals where young talented artists can express themselves and show their music, dance and other skills. Festivals also support local artists and their brands to be more visible. Festivals give us an excellent opportunity to support young talented artists while enjoying days full of music, color, great experiences and the opportunity to talk to young talented artists in person.
1st Sport 

Football tournament
1st - 11th June 2023

On June 1, 2023, the 28th GCMGC (Gyalyum Chenmo Memorial Gold Cup) football tournament which existed already in 1980s will take place and will be played from 1-11 June. This year 16 different Tibetan football teams from a various places have registered for this prestigious football tournament. This tournament significantly contributes to the support of gifted children and the development of their sports skills. Thanks to football, many athletes gain not only sports, but also study and life stability. We are proud to have become supporters of this football tournament and therefore contribute to the free and healthy development of young gifted children and teenagers.