Eco friendly hygiene 

The use of ecological aids for high-quality hygiene is not only wise and helps children develop an essential understanding of the connection between humans and nature, but it is also becoming increasingly urgent and necessary. However, for too many children and young people, such hygiene is unattainable and they work hard on themselves to have the chance to have it and thus personally participate daily in a sustainable, i.e. respectful and necessary approach to life on our planet Earth.

This year, 2023, we provided gifted children with more than 2108 bamboo toothbrushes, several dozen quality toothpastes, and provided hundreds of young girls with information in the form of presentations about menstrual cups with the possibility to sign up for their voluntary use

We will continue to provide children and young people with wooden toothbrushes, menstrual cups, wooden ear buds, reusable tissues, …

"By using eco friendly tools you are directly attending to reduce plastic waste in your area and you are inspiration for others."
Founder of Hi52life