Girl’s Health & Modern tools

As one of the leading topics for full support and understanding of girls' health, we focused on understanding menstruation, how it is possible to perceive the days during the cycle, experience them with the feeling that we are directly participating in the cycle. We found that such a project supports girls and their surroundings in almost every aspect.

With an excellent Czech manufacturer Yuuki we have had created cooperation about providing menstrual cups to gifted girls and women that won’t be able to buy them. Together with high-quality presentation on girl’s health by experienced people, consultations with doctors and supporting documents on the same topic, we enable young gifted girls in schools and nuns in monasteries to accept and understand menstruation as a normal part of everyday life, using modern tools that maintain and fully support girls' long-term health.

In 2023, through the presentation and subsequent communication with the girls, we were able to explain the functioning of the principle of menstrual cups to hundreds of young girls, who had the opportunity to sign up for their voluntary use also after some time.

“Girl’s health is needed and it’s necessary to focus on it.”

Founder of Hi52life

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Guidance on Menstrual Health and Hygiene

Zde si můžete přečíst ověřené informace k menstruační hygieně a zdraví z UNICEF.

Here you can read verified information on menstrual hygiene and health from UNICEF.